Prevention of Cholera Disease | How to Prevent Cholera Infection Spread

Cholera Disease Prevention:

Despite the fact that cholera is a serious and life-threatening, preventing cholera disease is easy if only people will follow the basic requirements for sanitation. Some of these basic requirements for sanitation are to keep waterways clean and free flowing. This is to discourage the habitation of insects and other animals that may become carriers of the bacterium causing the disease.

On the other hand, one should be very careful about drinking from faucets whose lines may be ruptured where contamination could result.

Other preventive measures for stopping cholera are the following:

  • Boil drinking water first. Boiling water kills the bacterium that causes cholera. This should be done by habit especially when there is an outbreak of cholera in the community.
  • Defer travel to places where there is an outbreak. This is to prevent contacting the disease and stop further spreading of the disease.
  • Practice the manner of sterilization in all aspects related to handling a cholera patient. For example, make sure to wash in hot water and chlorine all clothing that was worn by a cholera patient.
  • Most importantly, observe proper disposal of the body wastes of a cholera patient. For people who handle cholera patients, make sure to thoroughly clean both hands to prevent aiding the spread of the infection.

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