Symptoms of Cholera Infection | What are Signs of Cholera Disease

Cholera Disease Symptoms:

The symptoms of cholera vary depending on the severity of the disease. It also depends on the strength of the person’s immune system.

One common classification of the signs of cholera is by the stages in the advancement of the disease. The following are the most common symptoms according to the stage of infection:

Stage 1:

  • Watery diarrhea: At the onset of cholera, a person will suffer from diarrhea.
    The feces are watery, although the elimination itself is not painful.
  • Vomiting: Vomiting results from cholera infection due to a person losing appetite. In some instances, food taken in may be vomited.
  • Muscle cramps: Because of the onset of diarrhea, a person losses body fluids. Deprivation of body fluids results to muscle cramps.

Stage 2: During this stage, dehydration sets in. This is a more pronounced advancement of the infection.

  • Thirst and dehydration: When diarrhea is ignored, the likely result is dehydration.
  • Cold feeling of the skin.
  • Sunken eyes: As the body loses moisture, some body parts may “shrink” deeper into the body.
  • Muscle cramps and muscle weakness: Prolonged dehydration results to muscle weakness and cramps.

Stage 3

  • When cholera reaches this stage, it only means that it is at its most severe. Here, a person may feel a lot of symptoms like kidney failure, intense muscle cramps, and dehydration. Medical attention is very much needed here, and when that is not given promptly, the patient may die.

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