Benefits Of Clove Oil For Scabies Treatment: How To Use Clove Oil?

Scabies is characterized by itchy rash on the skin, which is aggravated at night and affects approximately 300 million people across the globe. The condition is characterized by presence of mites, which live and breed under the layers of the skin.

While there are a host of treatment options available for management of scabies, in recent study conducted by Australian researchers, it was observed that clove oil may be effective in the management of scabies and other form of skin related ailments.

This article provides information about how to use clove oil for the treatment of scabies and also lists down the benefits of clove oil in management of this contagious and itchy rash.

Sarcoptic mange or scabies is caused by a mite called sarcoptes scabiei, that lives and breeds under the skin, resulting in allergic attacks of severe itching, which may last for several days. While these episodes of itching are often aggravated at night, repeating scratching of the skin increases the risk of bacterial infections.

As per the American Academy of Dermatology, scabies is attracted by warmth and often infects individuals living in crowded households. In a recent study conducted by Queensland Institute of Medical Research, Australia, clove oil had the ability to kill mites in 15 minutes.

Conventional treatment regimen includes the use of topical acaricides- permethrin. However due to the widespread use of this premethrin, scabies mites are developing resistance to this topical application. This has forced researchers to look for alternative solutions for the treatment of scabies. Experts have suggested that the use of clove oil in the treatment of scabies will be associated with lower possibility of resistance.

How To Use Clove Oil For Scabies?

Here are some simple tips on how to use clove oil for treatment and management of scabies,

  • Mix clove essential oil with some kind of carrier oil like almond oil or wheat germ oil and apply it on to the skin. Direct application of undiluted clove oil on the skin can lead to severe burning and itching.
  • Ideally apply the clove oil on areas of the skin which are prone to severe itching at night like the webs of the hands, armpits, etc.
  • Try a mild massage of the skin after application of the clove oil. This allows the oil to penetrate deeper into the skin and kill the mites.
  • Alternatively add a few drops of clove oil to warm bath water and take a shower with this water. While this technique may not be as effective as local application of clove oil, it may help you reach those areas, which are not easily accessible for local application.

Medicinal Benefits Of Clove Oil For Scabies

Use of clove oil for the treatment of scabies is associated with a host of advantages,

  • Scabies mites are less likely of developing resistance to clove oil.
  • Clove oil can penetrate into the skin and kill the mites within 15 minutes, unlike permethrin, which can only act when the mites come out of the borrow at night.
  • Finally clove oil is much safer for use in children, compared to permethrin, which is associated with risk of poisoning.

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