Natural Home Remedy for Cold Sores | Natural Treatments for Cold Sores

Cold Sores Home Remedies

While cold sores cannot really be cured since the virus simply stays in your body after the initial infection and waits for certain triggers for it to emerge, there are some home remedies that can expedite the healing process of these blisters. These home cures for cold sores can also give a person relief from the stinging and burning sensation that the ailment brings.

  • When bothered by cold sores, you can easily find relief from garlic. Simply cut a garlic clove in half and put the raw end of this clove over the blisters and sores you have. To speed up the healing process, take a couple of garlic capsules every day until the blisters and the sores disappear.
  • This next remedy for cold sores may be pretty painful, but it has worked for a lot of people. Take a bit of fine salt and put some of this on the tip of your finger. Carefully place the salt on the cold sore and keep this on the sore for about two minutes. The salt will absorb the moisture found inside the blisters and will quickly dry up the sore as well as disinfect it.
  • To help relieve some of the soreness of the blisters on your face, you might want to use a cold compress to numb these sores. Simply take a few ice cubes and place these in a clean plastic bag. Put this cold compress on the blisters.

Cold Sore Cure

To treat cold sore, application of warm compress and aloe vera gel is effective which help in easing the pain and reduces swelling. Lemon balm due to antivirus properties promotes faster healing of blisters and its regular application prevents cold sore reoccurrence. Applying peppermint essential oil and self-heal herb fights against HSV1 and resists its growth. Other beneficial alternative treatments for oral herpes are Echinacea, black currant, rhubarb and sage cream.

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