Cold And Flu Natural Home Remedies: Good Foods For Cough And Cold

Common cold and flu is extremely common, more so, because of the incessant pollution, stress and poor dietary intake of essential nutrients. Sneezing, cough, fever, nasal discharge, headaches and weariness are the common presenting symptoms of the condition.

Some of effective home remedies to manage colds successfully include:

Home Remedies For Cold And Flu

  • Turmeric: turmeric is an anti septic.
    It fights the most stubborn forms of infection, promptly. Mix 1 spoon of powdered turmeric in a bowl of milk and boil for 5 minutes. 1 cup of this milk is recommended daily. It reduces all the symptoms of flu and boosts immune working too.
  • Honey: honey is a respiratory tract tonic. It helps in drainage of the mucus and clears up the sinuses. Honey soothes an inflamed throat and decrease soreness. Take 1 spoon of honey 3 to 5 times, every day.
  • Cinnamon, cardamom and clove: take equal quantities of these spices and powder them finely. Store in an air tight container. Mix 1 spoon of the powder with 1 spoon of honey and take every night. It is very effective in combating colds and flu and making your immune system stronger.

Natural Cure For Cough And Cold

  • Mint and basil: mint and basil reinforce your immune system. They make breathing easy and battle infective agents. Boil a few leaves of the two herbs in a bowl of water for 15 minutes. Drink this tea once every day.
  • Ginger: ginger is known to be a potent anti inflammatory herb. Grate 1 inch of ginger and boil in a bowl of water. Ginger eases headaches, fortifies the immune system and ameliorates all the symptoms of influenza.
  • Garlic: garlic flakes had raw have a warming and soothing effect on the body. Garlic stimulates the immune system and prevents bacterial multiplication. It is a powerful infection fighter, known to fight off the most obstinate forms of infections. Have 2 flakes of raw garlic daily, or grate 2 flakes and soak in 2 spoons of honey for some time. Swallow this mixture; it will afford rapid relief.

What Foods Are Good For A Cold And Flu?

Your diet plays a crucial role in managing and preventing colds and flu. Incorporate the following foods I to your menu, for quick recovery:

  1. Drink plenty of fluids; stay well hydrated. Ensure that you drink 3 liters of water per day. In addition have lots of herbal teas, glucose drinks, and fresh fruit juices.
  2. Barley broth is very helpful in cases of flu. Barley is easy to digest and also boost immunity. It provides strength and vigor and helps battle the fever effectively.
  3. Hot soups, (tomato / carrot / chicken) to which garlic is added liberally is beneficial.
  4. Avoid fried foods. They increase soreness of the throat, mucus accumulation and also delay healing.
  5. Also steer clear of sugary foods and processed food packets. Processed foods and refined foods contain a lot of preservatives which aggravate the condition.

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