Causes of Common Cold Infection | What Causes Contagious Common Cold

Common Cold Causes:

Common colds are caused by at least 200 known viruses and is one of the most general of all illnesses known to mankind. When a person has a cold, he can definitely blame it on a virus that may belong to one of two general virus types. He can also blame his cold on other viruses that may be causing more serious types of respiratory ailments.

  • The two main kinds of viruses or virus types that can cause common colds are the rhinoviruses and the coronaviruses.
  • Rhinoviruses are said to be the most common viruses that can give you a cold. These viruses are active during the spring, summer, and autumn months. The rhinoviruses that have been identified so far are numbered at over a hundred, and these viruses rarely give people serious illnesses related to the common cold.
  • Rhinoviruses are happiest living in moist places where the temperature is around 91 degrees, exactly what a person’s nose is.
  • The Coronaviruses that cause colds in people are said to be the main culprits behind the colds that adults experience.
  • You can find Coronaviruses to be very active during the months of winter and in the early spring.
  • While there are 30 known coronaviruses, only three of four of these are said to infect people.

Common Cold in Children Causes

In kids, common cold infection causes when viruses residing in nose and throat come in contact of hands while sneezing or coughing. Virus is transmitted to other children due to direct contact or through infection from other particles. Often droplets from an infected child spread through air and reaches the body via inhalation. It is a misbelief that it causes due to cold weather conditions or exposure to cold air.

Over 100 different viruses can cause signs of common cold in children and adults and it normally lasts for 14 days and winter and fall are the most common seasons when the infection occurs.

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