Common Cold Prevention | Preventing and Avoiding Common Cold

Common Cold Prevention

Most parents say that prevention is always a lot better than a cure, and if you have experienced having a fussy child with a cold on your hands, you know this statement to be true. Here are some preventive measures of common cold on how to keep it at bay in your home:

  • As always, one of the tricks to keep illnesses at bay, like the common cold, is to keep yourself clean at all times and to keep your surroundings clean.
    Washing one’s hands and practicing clean and healthy habits in one’s everyday activities will help keep colds away.
  • If you have friends or neighbors that have the cold, it would be best to avoid them while they have it. By limiting your contact with people who have this ailment, you also limit your chances of getting it.
  • If there are people in your house who has the common cold, avoid using the same things that they use like glasses, spoons, forks and even towels. Also, try to avoid people who smoke since cigarette and cigar smoke can trigger the onset of colds.
  • Try to adapt a healthy lifestyle to keep away from illnesses like the common cold.
    Eating healthy, exercising, and practicing good habits and getting rid of bad habits can help you avoid common cold ailment.

Prevent Common Cold in Children

For preventing common cold in infants, healthy hygiene routines need to be followed as they stop virus infecting the body and its spread to others. Kids should wash hands frequently and before and after taking foods. Covering mouth using handkerchief while coughing and sneezing and avoiding exposure to second hand smoke is beneficial.

Other tips to avoid common cold are using alcohol based hand rubs. Using household container containing phenol also helps in reducing virus transmission.

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