Stuffy Nose Home Remedies, Causes: How To Clear Stuffy Nose Naturally

Stuffy nose is a common condition which is caused due to common cold, flu, and the blocked nasal sinuses. Though not a serious problem, stuffy nose can be irritating and make you uncomfortable. Child can become very irritable due to stuffy nose as he is not able to breathe through his nose.

What Causes A Stuffy Nose?

The reason for stuffy nose is excessive accumulation of mucus in the nose due to the swelling of the mucus lining in the nose.

Stuffy nose is usually caused due to viral infection or a bacterial infection or due to sinusitis. The congestion gets subsided in a week time in normal course. Some of the other reasons for stuffy nose are allergies to dust and pollen grains. Prolong use of medicated nasal sprays can cause a sensation of stuffy nose. Ironically it is used for the same purpose in acute stuffiness. Nasal polyps are also one of the common reasons for stuffiness in your nose.

Deviated nasal septum, a cartilage that separates the nostril can be a cause for chronic stuffy nose.

Home Remedy For Stuffy Nose

There are many home remedies which work well for relieving stuffy nose symptom, besides blowing your nose. As far as possible do not sniffle or else the mucus may pass in the lungs and cause problems such as bronchitis. If your stuffy nose is accompanied with pain, fever, cough you have to consult your doctor to find the underlying condition.

  • Eat food that is rich in vitamin C when you suffer from stuffy nose. Fruits such as oranges and lime juice are rich source of vitamin C. You should also cut down on dairy products and wheat products, especially white flour. Keep away from refined sugar and cakes and pastries.
  • Consume soups and hot liquids which liquefy the nasal mucus and facilitate it to blow out without difficulty.  It also gives you relief from cold symptoms.

How To Clear A Stuffy Nose Naturally?

  • Keep pillows under your head while you sleep, this provide elevation and reduces excess of mucus in the nasal passages that causes stuffy nose. Besides it prevents post nasal drip, which often causes unwanted cough and laryngitis.
  • Drink plenty of water; proper hydration is necessary for fast recovery from symptoms of cold.
  • Inhaling steam is what you do for stuffy nose when you do not find any other home remedies. Steam clears out the mucus from the nose by making it thin. Your nose starts running after you inhale steam and thus the blocked nose gets cleared.
  • You can also sniff an onion or garlic. These irritants can help to relieve you from stuffy nose.
  • If you want to know how to clear stuffy nose, put few drops of saline water in the nostril. It helps to clear your stuffy nose within no time.

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