Neti Pots for Colds and Sinus Infections

Colds and sinus infections that keep coming back can be a nuisance. It gives the individual a headache, a literally heavy head, and difficulty breathing properly through the nose. Rather than taking cold and sinusitis medications over and over again which carries many risks, many people have turned toward the use of a Neti pot.

With the use of a Neti pot and a correctly prepared solution, nasal passages and sinuses can be cleared in no time.

Neti Pots for Colds

  • Neti pots basically look like a pot, but are of a smaller version.
  • Neti pots have been used in ancient times and are still being used as a form of Ayurvedic medicine.
  • Neti pots are known medically as a nasal irrigation or nasal lavage.
  • Nasal irrigation or nasal lavage can be done in a clinic setting but with certain fees involved.
  • Neti pots can help an individual that is bothered by repeated colds save on money.
  • The neti pot works by cleansing the nasal passages as well as the mucus lining from mucus plugs and dirt that cause congestion, irritation and infection.
  • The result is clearer nasal passages and improved nasal breathing.

Neti Pots for Sinus Infections

  • Neti pots have also been used to treat sinus infections.
  • It works in the same way as treating colds.
  • Sinus infections can be cleared by clearing nasal passageways of mucus plugs and gunk that if remain, can cause repeated allergies and infections.
  • Using a neti pot filled with a correctly prepared solution, the individual should tilt his or head away from the neti pot with its snout placed in one nostril.
  • The solution should pass through the nasal passageway, clearing the passage as it flows out into the other nostril.
  • The individual should breathe through the mouth throughout the whole process.
  • The procedure is repeated for the other nostril.
  • The result is a gunk-free sinus cavity for easier breathing.

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