Natural Home Remedies For Sinus Drainage: Sinus Infection Treatment

Sneezing, nasal discharge and blocked sinuses are commonly seen symptoms that are associated with sinus trouble. Various causes may lead to sinus drainage in to the throat like cold, flu, smoke, dust, pollen, etc. These tend to irritate the mucus membrane, producing too much of mucus secretion. Although mucus is secreted by the sinuses to keep the nasal passage clean, excessive mucus secretion results in continuous drainage.

Natural Treatment For Sinus Infection

The following herbs are decidedly beneficial in the management of sinusitis and its symptoms. They reduce headaches, excessive drainage of secretion in to the back of the throat, soreness of throat, sneezing and nasal discharge.

  • Basil: basil is a wonderful anti septic. It prevents infections and slows down inflammatory processes. Boil a few leaves of the holy basil in a bowl of water. Drink this decoction at least 2 times, everyday.
  • Mint: likewise an herbal mint tea is extremely effective for sinus drainage. Mint reduces congestion, eases headaches and peps up immune mechanisms of the body appreciably.
  • Caraway seeds: roast a handful of caraway seeds. Inhale the vapors every night before retiring to bed. Also, place the roasted seeds in a muslin cloth and apply as a compress to the head and chest. It expedites cure.

Home Remedies For Sinus Drainage

  • Vitamin C supplementation: vitamin C boost immune system functioning. It helps fight sinus infection and prevents aggravation of the complaint. You may take vitamin C capsule or step up your daily intake of vitamin C rich foods, such as, bell peppers, limes, lemons, oranges, berries, etc.
  • Ginger tea: ginger exerts significant anti-inflammatory benefits. Gingerols present in ginger help alleviate the symptoms associated with sinusitis. Grate ½ an inch of the root and boil in 1 glass of water. Have this decoction once, daily.
  • Steam: steam is the most effective home remedy for sinus trouble. Experts also recommend adding 2 drops of eucalyptus oil / peppermint oil / tea tree oil to the water and inhaling the vapors. Practice this therapy every night, to prevent congestion. These essential oils relieve nasal congestion, lessen discomfort and soothe the inflamed mucous membrane.

Sinus Irrigation Procedure

Sinus Irrigation: sinus irrigation helps clear the sinuses of mucus and allergens. It helps in speeding up cure. There are 2 methods of doing sinus irrigation; one is irrigating the sinuses with saline water by squirting the mixture in to the nostril using a nose syringe.

The other method is using a neti pot, wherein salt water is placed in the pot; the tip of the pot is inserted in to one nostril. Tilt the head backwards so the sinuses fill with the solution. Drain out from the other nostril. Make sure that you continue breathing from the mouth, or else the solution will drain in to the throat in place of the nose.

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