Symptoms of Digestive Disorder | Signs of Digestive Diseases

Digestive Disorders Symptoms:

As with the many different causes, there are many different symptoms that come with these problems. Most of the time, one of the symptoms includes abdominal pain, but in others, this pain may also be absent. Here are some of the symptoms that alert you of some of these disorders:

  • When you talk about symptoms that point to constipation, the most common one is the difficulty or the infrequency of your bowel movements.
    Constipation is categorized into chronic or a persistent type of constipation that lasts for months and acute or the kind that begins suddenly.
  • Diarrhea can be easily diagnosed when a person has abdominal cramps and soft or watery stool. This too is categorized into two: acute and chronic. Some diarrheas can last for a day, some for a few hours, and others can last for a couple of days or so if the problem is serious or is brought about by other illnesses.
  • Dyspepsia is easily recognizable by the pain a person feels in the upper part of your stomach. Other symptoms include the feeling of being bloated or gassy, vomiting, heartburn, and constant burping. You can also feel nausea with dyspepsia.
  • When a person suffers from ulcers, the symptoms may vary depending on the kind of ulcer a person has.
    If he has duodenal ulcers, he may feel better after eating or drinking but will feel worse a couple of hours later. When a person has gastric ulcer, he may feel worse the moment he ingests something. Other symptoms include vomiting, stomach pain at night, bloating, and a dull or burning pain in the stomach.
  • The symptoms of heartburn include the taste of acid in your mouth and chest pains.

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