What are the Causes of Smelly Burps & How to Get Rid of them Naturally

A burp is a natural body process of expelling gas through your mouth. Anyone can suffer from this problem; unfortunately many people experience a smelly burp that stinks like sulfur or rotten egg. Smelly burps can be a onetime problem after eating certain food, or it can be a regular phenomenon.

Actually, foul smelling burps are result of poor digestion which many people may not realize and just consider as a matter or inconvenience and embarrassment.

What are the Causes of Smelly Burps

Gastrointestinal diseases: two most common GI diseases that cause foul smelling burps are giardiasis and H. pylori infection. Giardiasis is a disease caused by intestine parasite called giardia lamblia. Gardiasis occurs in all parts of the world and the incidence is high where sanitation is poor and fecal contamination of the environment is common. Water-borne and food borne transmission is common for its spread. Besides foul burping, the other associated symptoms are diarrhea, bloating, flatus, epigastric burning. In chronic cases smelly burping and loose stools are often only features.

H. pylori can cause serious ulcer in the stomach.

Are Certain Foods Reason for Smelly Burps?

There are certain foods that can cause stinky burps. These smelly foods have sulfur content or those that are high in protein. All this foods get fermented due to slow digestion and produce hydrogen sulfide gas, which is the main reason for foul smelling burps. People who are unable to digest lactose can suffer from foul smelly burps.

Excess of alcohol and cola beverages can be a cause for acidity, which may result in foul smelling burp from your mouth.

Certain medicines that contain sulfur as one of its ingredient can cause smelly and stinking burps and a taste of sulfur in their mouth.

Home Remedies to Get Rid of Stinky Burps

Here are some of the ways to get rid of smelly burps:

  • The best way to diminish smelly burps is to get up early in the morning, drink two glasses of warm water before your breakfast.
  • Mix one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water and drink it once in a week if you are suffering from smelly burps.
  • Drink a glass of warm water mixed with one teaspoon of lemon juice and one teaspoon of honey, add a pinch of turmeric powder and mix it well before you consume it.
  • Certain dietary changes are necessary when you suffer from foul smelling burps. Avoid pink beans, milk and dairy products, soybeans, cabbage, Brussels, sprouts, high fiber foods, caffeine and alcohol, spices, eggs and meat.
  • Soak beans: before you cook beans, make sure you soak them few hours before cooking. This will allow elimination of soluble carbohydrate which is responsible for fermentation and production of gas.
  • Eat small meals frequently. ┬áDo not eat very large meal as the body releases large amount of bile to digest the food, which may cause foul smelly burps.
  • Chew your food properly: if you gulp the food or eat hurriedly without chewing, it takes long time to digest the food and it allows the food to ferment and produce gas.
  • While preparing food, use olive oil or coconut oil. It helps to reduce the foul and stinky burps.

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