Get Rid of Gas: How Do You Get Rid of Gas Pains with Home Remedies

Gas in stomach is primarily due to faulty eating habits, consuming high percentage of foods that are responsible for gas production or due to intestinal disturbances. All these factors can be controlled and treated effectively using home remedies.

Causes of Gas and Bloating

Most humans tend to pass gas or wind about thirteen to fourteen times each day which comprises of approximately one pint of gas.

Here are some of the causes of gas and bloating,

  • Consuming foods that cause flatulence and abdominal gas is one of the primary factors responsible for gaseous distention. Legumes contain oligosaccharides are responsible for gas and flatulence. Fiber rich foods like soy, whole wheat, barley, oats, etc are also responsible for flatulence.
  • About half of the wind is swallowed air during eating or while breathing from the mouth
  • About ten percent of the gas is produced by bacteria in the intestine. This gas is often the mixture of hydrogen, sulphur compounds and methane.

Get Rid of Gas Pains

There are some simple tips that would help reduce gas pains,

  • Avoid eating too quickly.
    Chew your food adequately before swallowing it. Chewing food helps digest the food easily, which reduces the possibility of undigested foods being converted into gas
  • Avoid drinking water during a meal. Water tends to dilute the stomach acids, which are important for digestion of food. Drink water only about 45 minutes after the meal.
  • Sit upright after a meal. Lying down increases the risk of food regurgitation and also delays the process of digestion.
  • Gas pains are normally relieved by pressure. Lie down on your abdomen a few hours after you have your meal. This will help relieve pain and also help in passing the excess gas
  • Eat small quantities of food at frequent intervals. Avoid overstuffing yourself. Eating too much at one go can result in ineffective digestion and gaseous distention.
  • Apply asafetida paste on your abdomen. Local application of Asafetida paste on the abdomen has been found to relive pain and gaseous distention.

Get Rid of Gas with Home Remedies

Here are some simple home remedies that can help you get rid of fat accumulation in the stomach

  • Include cinnamon in your diet. This spice promotes digestion and reduces gaseous distention. A pinch of cinnamon is effective in treating gaseous distention on daily basis
  • Fennel seeds have properties which promote digestion and relieve wind. Munch a few spoonful of fennel seeds after your meal to reduce indigestion and gaseous distention
  • Yoga and abdominal exercise have been found to improve digestive functions and also help in relieving gaseous distention. Exercising for about thirty minutes each day is very beneficial.

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