Causes of Stomach Ache After Eating and How to get Rid of It?

What Causes Stomach Ache after Eating?

  • Mixing liquids with meals. Any kind of fluid like water, beer, sodas and even fruit juice, when taken in large amounts during meals or after meals, can greatly interfere with the normal functioning of the digestive system. It causes severe dilution of the stomach acids and digestive juices which make the stomach laboriously churn the food or just eject it causing the pain.

  • Parasites. When there are parasites inside the stomach, stomach aches can be experienced along with fatigue and diarrhea.

  • Candida. This is a yeast infection which destroys the good bacteria that help the stomach digest food. It also disrupts the production of enzymes and lowers down the volume of bile and stomach acids. When a patient has this infection in the stomach, it does not only create stomach aches but can also cause a number of discomforts.

  • Exercising and vigorous activities that are done right after a meal.

  • Blockage of the blood vessels. The pain that is experienced is similar to those with angina which can be very severe making many patients with the condition afraid to eat.

  • Gastric cancer.

  • Gallstones. These are small stones which block the passage of bile into the bile duct. It can cause excruciating pain that can last for several hours.

  • Acid reflux.

  • Ulcers.

  • Intestinal cramping.

  • Food poisoning brought about by eating food that is infected with bacteria.

How to Get Rid of Stomachache after Eating?

  • Taking some rest and lying on the back along with placing a heating pad on the abdominal area can relax the muscles and ease pain and discomfort that is felt.

  • Chamomile or ginger tea can be taken. These two promote proper digestion and reduce pain.

  • Drinking aloe vera juice on a daily basis can help ease symptoms of ulcers and intestinal cramping.

  • Eating soda crackers.

  • Oregano tea can be used to ease stomachaches that are caused by food poisoning. It works as a natural remedy that kills bacteria that caused the poisoning.

  • Fenugreek seeds that are made into a powder and mixed with curd can be taken. This will stabilize stomach acids which in turn reduces the aches.

  • Drinking pomegranate juice can help relieve the aches in the stomach along with acidity problems and intestinal swelling.

  • Patients should avoid eating unhealthy foods, sleeping right after meals, overeating, and consuming large amounts of liquids after eating. Eating meals on time is also recommended.

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