Why are my Farts so Smelly and What are Its Causes?

Why are My Farts So Smelly?

Farts or flatulence is made up of a number of components. Mainly, it is composed of air that has been swallowed. There also are several factors that affect the volume of the fart and how it smells. It is a normal occurrence and it is estimated that the average person passes up to 14 farts a day or half a liter of gas daily.

Gas is made up of the following:

  • Swallowed Air. Most of the oxygen in the swallowed air is going to be reabsorbed into the bloodstream. Most of what is passed through the fart is the unabsorbed nitrogen and carbon dioxide.
  • Carbon dioxide produced by the bacteria in the intestines. The same bacteria may also produce methane and hydrogen.

What Causes Farts to Smell

  • Hydrogen Sulfide Gas, this is a common component of the gas in the intestines. Its amounts can be intensified depending on what a person eats. There are certain foods like broccoli, cabbage, eggs, and some meats that can make farts really smelly.

How to Get Rid of Smelly Farts

A person can never completely get rid of smelly farts as it is a normal occurrence.

What can be done instead is to keep them to a minimum by controlling diet and by avoiding activities that can lead to swallowing too much air.

Some activities that may be helpful in reducing the amount of farts and to keep them from smelling too bad include the following:

  • Avoid foods that can make farts smellier. To do this successfully, a person can take down notes of the foods that make their farts smellier. Hydrogen sulfide is the main reason for smelly farts. Foods rich in sulfur include cabbage and eggs. Beans, on the other hand produce more gas, which are generally odorless.
  • Avoid foods that irritate the bowel. Conditions like lactose-intolerance can lead to problems gastrointestinal (GI) problems.
  • Avoid chewing gum. This can lead to swallowing too much air, which can then increase the volume of farts.
  • Breathe through the nose. Mouth breathing can increase the amount of air that you swallow.
  • Avoid stress. People deal with stress differently and many have a cholinergic response to it. This can lead to gastrointestinal issues and cause a lot of farting.

If the volume of flatulence increases for no explainable cause and it if is accompanied by other worrying symptoms such as pain, diarrhea, and unintended weight loss, patients will need to seek medical attention.

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