What Causes Fever | Common Causes of Fever or High Temperature

Common Fever Causes

What can cause a fever? Why do people get fevers? Since a fever is a sign that the body is working to eradicate a virus or bacteria that is trying to wreak havoc in your body, there are a huge number of causes why a fever occurs. Here are some of the more common causes of fever:

  • Some of the illnesses that almost always have fevers as part of the list of symptoms they have include colds, the flu, chicken pox, measles, mumps, bronchitis, tetanus, tonsillitis, and other ailments that are brought about by viruses and bacteria.
  • Other causes for fevers that have nothing to do with bacteria or viruses include overexposure to the sun or heat. Also called sunstroke, people can develop fevers from staying in the sun too long.
  • Fatigue and over-exertion can also cause people to have fevers. When a person is stretching his body’s limits beyond what it can manage, a fever may signal him that it is time to get some rest.
  • Sometimes staying out too long in the rain can also cause fevers to happen.
  • People who live in rather unhygienic conditions as well as those who do not take care of their health may be prone to fevers.

Fever in Kids Causes

Fever in children causes due to any kind of infection like bacterial infection or viral infection or through use of medications, illicit drug and heat illnesses etc.

Low Grade Fever Causes

Causes of low fever can be mumps, chickenpox, wound infection, scarlet fever, hepatitis, mononucleosis and others. Autoimmune and viral diseases can also cause low grade fever.

Recurring Fever Causes

Possible causes of recurrent fever are typhoid, brucellosis, malaria, cholera etc.

High Fever Causes

Common medical conditions resulting in high fever are measles, roseola, scarlet fever, glandular fever, sinusitis etc.

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