Symptoms of Fever or High Body Temperature | Signs of Fever

Common Fever Symptoms:

When you have a fever, the most common symptom is the rise in your temperature to beyond what is normal. You may also suffer a few other symptoms, depending on what caused the fever. Here are some of the signs of fever you might experience:

  • When you have a fever, one of the most common symptoms that come with the heating up of your body is a headache. You can also expect some shivering and heavy sweating to alternate when you have a fever.
  • Other symptoms that come with your fever may include the feeling of nausea or dizziness and vomiting.
  • Some people who suffer from fevers have symptoms like constant thirst, body pains or muscle pains, the feeling of burning in the eyes, and loss of taste or a feeling that their tongue is coated.
  • Some people also suffer from urinary problems when they have a fever. This may be in the form of constantly wanting to urinate or the lack or scantiness of urine. Dehydration can also be one of the symptoms that come with a fever.
  • Weakness can also be part of the symptoms one feels when he is down with a fever. A feeling of malaise can also be a symptom you feel when you have a fever.

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