Natural Remedy For Conjunctivitis In Children: Home Cures For Pink Eye

Pink eye or Conjunctivitis is a fairly common condition, wherein the eye turns abnormally red and is associated with a lot of burning, pain and discomfort. The infection is highly contagious and spreads rapidly amongst children. The following home remedies help manage the case effectively.

Natural Remedy For Conjunctivitis In Children

  • Compresses help alleviate pain, itching and discomfort efficiently.
    You may add salt, boric powder or turmeric powder to water or milk and use the mixture for the compress. It hastens cure.
  • Mix 1 spoon honey and 2 spoons of water; instill 2 drops of this mixture using a dropper; in each eye. Honey instantaneously reduces pain and inflammation.
  • Castor oil is another decidedly effective natural remedy for treating pink eye. Place a drop of castor oil in each eye.
  • Blend together three ounces of water and 2 drops of a baby shampoo which is mild.
    Mix well and instill a drop in the infected eye. Repeat 3 times a day.

It is very essential that you maintain utmost hygiene levels. Always make use of cotton swabs to apply any mixture to the eye. Wash your hands thoroughly after you touch your eye. Wash pillow covers, bed sheets and towels separately.

Home Cures For Pink Eye In Babies

The primary thing for you to do is to dip a clean, soft cloth in lukewarm water and dab the eyelids, to get rid of the discharge. Do this at regular intervals.

  • Alternate hot and cold compress is extremely successful. Soak a soft napkin in warm water; place it over the affected eye for 5 minutes. Thereafter, take another napkin, dip it in cold water. Place it on your infected eye for 5 minutes. Repeat several times during the day. This alternate hot and cold compress helps reduce pain almost immediately. It also diminishes swelling and lessens the inflammatory process.
  • Squeeze a lemon in a bowl. Dip a soft, clean napkin in the freshly squeezed lemon juice and then gently dab the infected eye. It may burn and sting and may cause the eye to start watering. Lemons flush out bacterial products and prevent excessive discharging.
  • Lavender essential oil and chamomile essential oil is especially recommended to manage pink eyes in children. Add a drop of either one of the essential oil to ΒΌ cup of water. Dip 2 cotton swabs in the water and place over both the eyes. These oils have significant anti septic properties and are known to ease pain and burning.

Symptoms Of Conjunctivitis In Children

Common presenting symptoms and clinical features of conjunctivitis are:

  • Redness of sclera of the eye
  • Itching of the eye
  • Stickiness and exuding of sticky discharge
  • Watering of the eye
  • Swelling in the inner part of the eyelid

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