Diet for Conjunctivitis Eye Infection | Foods for Pink Eye Cure

Conjunctivitis Diet Treatment:

Some people speed up the healing process of their conjunctivitis by eating foods that are good for healing this ailment as well as building immunity to further pinkeye infections. Here are some things you can add to your diet when you have conjunctivitis or when you want to avoid it:

  • Beta carotene is a well-known diet supplements for conjunctivitis that helps with eyesight and eye health.
    This is why it is a good idea to increase your intake of food that is rich in vitamin A and beta carotene. Orange and yellow fruits and vegetables are known to be high in vitamin A and beta carotene, therefore adding squash, pumpkin, oranges, carrots, and yellow yams is good sources for this.
  • Other healthy items you should add to your diet to prevent and cure conjunctivitis include green leafy vegetables like spinach and yellow fruit like mangoes and papayas. Other food items that can help with this problem also include tomatoes, yogurt, almonds and milk. These foods have high doses of vitamin B2 as well as vitamin A.
  • Food that is high in starch and sugar content should also be avoided when you have conjunctivitis. Examples of high starch and sugary foods include white bread, puddings, refined cereals, and sweets. Spices and condiments are also things you should steer clear of when you have this eye infection.

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