Prevent Conjunctivitis or Pink Eye Infection | Avoid Conjunctivitis

Conjunctivitis Prevention

Preventing conjunctivitis from infecting you or a member of your family is easy as long as you keep your house free of the elements that cause it. Here are a few tips that can get you to avoid getting pinkeye:

  • In cases where you or a member of the family is prone to pink eye during pollination season, it would be best to stay indoors and keep your doors and windows closed tight during these days to prevent pink eye.
    You may also want to vacuum regularly as well as mop the floors for any possible stray pollen that may have been brought in by other family members on their clothing or shoes.
  • When someone in the family is infected with pink eye, prevent the spread of this problem by having the person with the ailment stay in their room until they are well. Also, it is advisable that their clothing and beddings as well as towels be sterilized and washed in hot water separately to avoid further spread of this problem.
  • Keeping your hands clean with the use of hand sanitizers and constant washing will minimize the possibility of you getting conjunctivitis. You should also practice restraint in touching your eyes and other parts of your face whenever it is not necessary.

Prevent Conjunctivitis

Since conjunctivitis is contagious in nature, it can easily spread through direct contact or indirect contact made with belongings used by an infected individual. For preventing pink eye, washing hands frequently and avoiding sharing of belongings such as towels or handkerchiefs is required. To prevent infectious pink eye spread, stop use of someone’s eye cosmetics, eye drops or personal care items and make habit of sterilizing sinks and doorknobs. Washing your clothes daily, dusting home, staying in well ventilated areas, and changing pillows frequently also helps a lot. Swimmers should protective goggles and reduce exposure to chlorinated water.

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