Natural Treatment for Constipation | Natural Cures for Constipation

Constipation Home Remedies

If your constipation problem does not seem to be caused by deep-seated or underlying ailments, you can try and ease yourself of this problem with some of these home remedies that seem to work well for such an ailment:

  • When constipated, one of the things you might need to do is to increase your intake of fluids.
    While six up to eight glasses is normal, to treat constipation, drinking more may be necessary.
  • Cabbage juice can help cure you of constipation. Make cabbage juice by boiling a chopped head of cabbage and straining this mixture to get the juice. Drink this juice twice a day.
  • There are two ways you can cure constipation with the use of milk: milk with seedless grapes and milk with dates. Soak seedless grapes in milk then boil them. Cool slightly and drink the milk after eating the soaked and boiled grapes. Use this remedy before you sleep. Do the same with dates only you don’t need to boil this alternate remedy.
  • Mix together half a cup each of orange juice and olive oil and drink this.
    This will help with your constipation worries.
  • Spinach juice that is mixed with equal parts carrot juice can also help you to relieve constipation.

Constipation Remedy

For treating chronic constipation, consume castor oil or lemon mixed with warm milk. Eating apples without slicing them with sugar is beneficial.

Herbs for Constipation

Herbal remedy for constipation is intake of dry figs which are soaked overnight and consumed in the morning.

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