What Causes Corns on Feet | Corns Skin Infection Causes

Corns Causes

What causes corns to emerge? One of the main reasons why corns and calluses appear on a person’s skin is pressure. When pressure is applied to a person’s skin, it thickens itself up over time with the constant pressure to protect it.

  • Pressure that creates corns on your feet often comes from wearing tight shoes.
    The pressure that comes from constantly wearing shoes that are either too small or are shaped in a way that makes it uncomfortable to wear often creates corns.
  • Some people have feet that are prone to the emergence of corns. When you have deformities in your feet, like a hammer toe, these often promote the creation of corns due to its shape.
  • Another possible reason why a person may experience corns is because of how they walk. Gait abnormalities can cause corns to appear due to the pressure that these abnormal strides or gaits put on other parts of a person’s foot.
  • Some people persist in wearing shoes that are grossly deformed or difficult to walk or stand in due to their need to be fashionable.
    This kind of a habit is often prevalent in women and creates corns that they often try to remove.

Soft Corns Causes

Development of this type of corn takes place between the toes and is a result of small bone spur being getting forced together due to tight shoes.

Internal factors include manual labor, not wearing shoes increases friction, stressful activities causing pressure on hands and feet can result in corn development. External factors include bony body, wearing tight socks and stockings. Front part of the foot gets squeezed due to high heeled shoes whereas loose shoes causes rubbing of foot against the shoes because loose shoe results in sliding of foot.

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