Symptoms of Corns on Feet | Signs of Corns on Foot

Corns Symptoms:

How does one tell if he has corns? Corns are easy to identify due to their location and due to the shape that they take. Most corns, specifically hard corns, have a rather conical shape and are located in one small, particular spot. Calluses are different since they are often spread over a wider area.

  • When you have a corn, you will often notice a bump that is sometimes waxy, dry, and transparent. These bumps are often seen on your little toe or on the top of your other toes.
  • Corns are distinguished by the distinct borders that they have.
  • When a person has corns, he may suffer from some pain that will come from this bump.
  • Sometimes complications can arise from a corn, and this can become an abscess if not treated. This usually happens when the corn continues to thicken and grow and the body begins to treat it like a foreign object.
  • You can see that a corn may take on a grayish or yellowish color as it grows.
  • More than one corn on your foot may indicate that you have the problem known as hammertoe and this problem often forces your toes into a position that makes it rub against whatever shoes you wear.

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