How Dark Chocolate Can Help You Beat Persistent Coughs?

Research and clinical trials have shown that chocolate is a very effective remedy for chronic coughs. Researchers with the Hull Cough Clinic tested chocolate on 300 patients who suffered from a chronic cough, and found that about 60 % of them saw immense respite when administered chocolate. Studies indicate that the theobromine content in chocolate is decidedly the most efficacious and safest cough suppressant there is.

How Does Chocolate Help You Beat Persistent Coughs?

Research has most definitely stated that chocolate is exceedingly effective for chronic recurrent coughs. Theobromine found in chocolate is efficacious in the management of acute as well as chronic coughs. Partakers in the trial were treated with a placebo, codeine, and theobromine before they were subjected to capsaicin in the form of an inhaled gas. Capsaicin has almost always been used to bring on coughing in clinical trials.

For the clinical trial, patients were given chocolate twice a day for 14 days, and then they were assessed for the improvement in their cough. Experts have stated that the amelioration was due to the presence of theobromine, a compound present in cocoa.

The patients were administered 1000 mg of theobromine, equivalent to 2 ounces of unsweetened dark chocolate or 16 ounces of milk chocolate. The quantity of the theobromine used for the study was a single dose of 1000 mg. 1 ounce of unsweetened dark chocolate provides approximately 450 mg of theobromine, sweet dark chocolate will give you 150 mg, whilst milk chocolate gives around 60 mg.

Theobromine appears to impede the action of the sensory nerves, which in turn puts a stop to the cough reflex. Theobromine works directly on the vagus nerve, which is responsible for setting off coughing. What’s more, the research also proved that theobromine was more effectual than the extensively used codeine to manage coughs.

Consequently, what researchers advocate is that those who suffer from chronic, long drawn out cough, those who are diagnosed with bronchitis or asthma should incorporate theobromine in to their daily routine. It will help allay the frequency and intensity of cough episodes significantly.

Take 1 teaspoon of dark chocolate with half a glass of warm water every 4 hours for a week. Thereafter, you can taper the dose to twice a day. This promises you complete freedom from nagging, recurring, tickly coughs.

Dark Chocolate Benefits For Cough

Experts recommend that having a bar of dark chocolate daily is very good for those who suffer from chronic coughs and long term bronchitis. Chocolate is loaded with the active compound theobromine which has a very beneficial effect on protracted, obstinate, and repeated cough.

On the other hand chocolate is not a cure, and the symptoms can return once the treatment ends. They advise having 2 to 3 ounces of dark chocolate every day along with natural treatments to manage bronchitis such as ginger tea, basil tea, turmeric and milk, caraway seeds and eucalyptus oil.

Furthermore, theobromine is safer than all over-the-counter and prescription cough drugs. Cough medicine can have a few minor side effects; the common ones include – drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation.

So, the next time you have a bout of coughing, try eating some dark chocolate. It has a worthwhile assertion of being the best cough remedy; also, it is delicious, and has been touted as the most effective and safest cough suppressant around.

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