Causes of Coughing | Chronic Cough Causes | Acute Cough Causes

Cough Causes

There are a lot of reasons why a person may cough. One of the main reasons why a person may cough is to clear the air passages, either voluntarily or involuntarily, of foreign objects or obstructions that make it difficult to breathe. Here are a few more possible causes of cough:

  • Your cough can be an indicator that you have one of the more serious ailments that has coughing as a symptom. Some of these ailments include bronchial problems, sinus infections, asthma, and pneumonia. There are a lot of ailments that have the cough as a symptom, and even a common cold or the flu can have a cough as a symptom.
  • Coughing is divided into chronic and acute. Acute coughs are categorized into infectious and non-infectious coughs, and each category has different things that cause them. Infectious coughs are those that are contagious and these are caused by viruses like the common cold virus and other similar irritants. Non-infectious coughs are not contagious and can be caused by allergies, emphysema and asthma.
  • Chronic coughs are caused by a huge number of things. The causes include environmental irritants, digestive problems, conditions that occur in the lungs, conditions that come from the upper respiratory tract, and chest infections that are not found in the lungs but can affect the lungs nonetheless.

Wheezing Causes

Infiltration of allergens is the main cause of wheezing cough. Other reasons include family history of infection due to particular allergens and inhalation of cold air, tobacco and smoke.

Acute Cough Causes

Reasons of acute cough infection are common cold, whooping cough, allergic and non-allergic rhinitis. Exact cause can be determined from physical examination and history of the infected person. Viral respiratory tract infection, pneumonia, influenza are few factors resulting in acute cough.

Cough Causes in Babies

Causes of cough in baby are inhalation of small objects into the mouth resulting in choking episode. Other reasons are common cold, respiratory syncytial virus, and environmental irritants.

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