What Causes Cracked Heels Problem | Causes of Crack Feet Heels

Cracked Heels Causes

The cracking of your heels is actually easily explained with a simple demonstration using a firm yet ripe tomato, a tabletop, and the palm of your hand. Slowly put some weight on the tomato from the top with the use of your palm and notice how the bottom part cracks. That is how cracks on your heels are formed.

  • Cracks on your feet may be caused by the combination of the dryness of the skin, calluses, and your weight that is pressing down on the heels of your feet.
  • People who stand for long periods of time are often prone to cracked heels because of the weight that is being put on the heels of their feet over a prolonged period of time.
  • Another possible reason why a person may have cracked heels is that they are overweight and all that weight is putting a lot of pressure on the heels of their feet. This is often more likely to happen if the overweight person does not take care of their feet and they are callused and dry.
  • Fashion can also be a culprit when it comes to cracked heels. Open-backed shoes can cause the heel to expand any which way it wants, and this can cause cracks to form.
  • Some conditions that cause dryness of the skin or even flaking like eczema, psoriasis, dehydration, and the like can also be cited for causing cracked heels.

Heel Fissure Causes

Skin peeling on feet causes due to naturally dry skin, living in dry cold climate, inactive sweat glands. Other reasons for cracked heels are dry and flaky skin due to loss of moisture in the body, high arched feet, heel spurs, athlete’s foot, rough skin which can be due to existing skin ailment and thyroid disease. Other contributing factors are exposure to dust and fungal infections.

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