Preventing Cracked Heels | How to Prevent and Avoid Crack Heel

Cracked Heels Prevention Measures

Preventing cracked heels is easy but will take some constant doing. Prevention means you have to take care that your feet is well taken care of and is not allowed to build up thick and dry calluses that will then result in cracks. Here are some tips that will help you achieve this:

  • Try to keep your feet moisturized by applying moisturizing lotion to your feet after you shower and before you wear your socks or your shoes.
  • Be responsible when buying shoes. The wrong kind of shoes can help increase your chances of cracked heels. Open-backed shoes can cause these cracks to appear so try to use these as little or as infrequently as possible.
  • Try to scrub off any callus buildup on your heels every week or two. Soak your feet in a foot scrub solution or in warm water and scrub off the hard, dry skin there with the use of a pumice stone. Moisturize your heels afterwards.
  • If how you walk is what you fear will cause the cracks on your heels, try to find corrective shoes to help you with this problem. You can also try to add insoles to your shoes to correct this slight.

Heel Fissure Prevention

To prevent cracked heel, massaging your dry feet using crushed mint leaves juice and then washing them off with water is beneficial. For preventing heel fissure, always wear 100% cotton socks, make a habit of skin exfoliation and moisturizing which keeps the skin hydrated, and use sea salt scrub to get rid of dry skin. Never walk barefooted especially on wooden and concrete surface. Redistributing weight of heel using heel cushions and applying foot butter helps to make dry skin smooth and smooth.

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