Symptoms of Cracked Heels | Heel Fissure Signs, Symptoms

Cracked Heels Symptoms

What symptoms do you experience when you have cracked heels? The most common symptom that you can see when you are talking about cracked heels is the dryness of the skin under the heel. Another symptom of heel fissure that is prevalent when it comes to cracked heels is the thick, callused skin under your feet.

Here are other symptoms that can be seen when a person has cracked heels:

  • You will notice that cracked heels often have thicker, callused edges, and thinner calluses nearer the middle part of the heel.
  • Cracked heels often have cracks that are either shallow or deep that run from one side of the heel to the other side. Depending on how a person walks or where he puts most of his weight when he walks, the side with the most cracks is often the side that gets to carry the most weight.
  • Severely cracked heels are often thickly callused and have darker edges that have deep fissures that look like cracks in dry ground.
    Sometimes you can see dark lines in these cracks from dirt that may have found its way in these fissures.
  • More severe cases of cracked heels can be seen bleeding and may be easily prone to infection since this means that there is a break in the surface layer of the skin.

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