Cracks On Fingers Causes: Home Remedy For Healing Cracked Fingertips

Cracks on fingers are not only a painful and distressing condition but are also very annoying. Occasionally these cracked fingertips can bleed. The condition is often attributed to excessive dryness of the skin of the fingers, which can occur due to a host of factors. The condition tends to get worse especially during winters when the temperature drops considerably, which makes the skin dryer.

Causes Of Cracks On Fingers

Cracks on fingers or split fingertips can be attributed to several causes. Most often the condition is attributed to dry and cold weather, which in turn causes the fingers to crack as they dry. Contact dermatitis, especially due to exposure to soap or detergents is another common cause for cracks on fingers.

Occasionally fungal infections of the hand or eczema are also associated with split fingertips, which can be a very painful and distressing condition.

Cracked fingertips are most often observed in individuals who spend a lot of time in with water. Repeated washing of hands, use of detergents to wash cloths, washing utensils without using gloves are also some of the common factors that may result in cracks on fingers or split fingertips.

Home Remedy For Cracked Fingertips

Precautionary measures play a crucial role in reducing cracking and splitting of fingertips. Use gloves, avoid washing hands too frequently, reduce the frequency of using soap for hand wash, etc. These basic changes help reduce skin dryness and prevent cracks on fingers.

Local application of Vitamin E Oil or petroleum jelly helps keep the skin around the fingertips moisturized. Concurrently reducing exposure to harsh chemicals can improve the condition. Ensure that you always apply the moisturizing cream after washing the hands or before going to bed.

Occasionally, cracks on fingers are attributed to eczema or dermatitis. Local application of essential oils like tea tree oil is considered highly beneficial. Tea tree oil has strong anti fungal and anti-bacterial properties which have been found to be highly beneficial in management of skin care troubles.

How To Heal Cracks On Fingers?

One important aspect of healing cracks on fingers or cracked fingertips is to reduce the exposure to detergents, harsh chemicals and soap, even if the products claim to be natural.

Washing of hands tends to wash off the natural oil generated by the sebaceous glands of the skin, which in turn makes the skin dryer and more prone to cracked fingertips.

Local application of moisturizers tends to reduce the dryness of the skin and hasten the process of healing. Vitamin A and vitamin E supplements have been found to be beneficial in most skin ailments associated with skin dryness and roughness.

Evidence has been suggestive that the biggest culprit for cracked fingertips is frequent hand wash using soap and washing dishes without using gloves.

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