Cut On Lip That Won’t Heal: Home Remedies To Treat Cuts On Lips

Cut on the lip can be caused due to a host of factors such as an injury by a sharp object or a blunt trauma. A puncture injury may also result in cut on the lips, especially when caused due to one’s own teeth. There are several causes which result in slow healing of cut on lips, which may include dry weather, injury or nutrition deficiencies.

Cut on the lips is a condition which is frequently observed especially in cold and dry weather. Though these wound heal naturally, there are several factors which may contribute to delay in the healing of cuts on lips, which in turn may be associated with a host of symptoms like pain and bleeding. Fortunately there are a host of home remedies which can help to hasten the healing process and treat cut lips naturally.

What Causes Cuts On Lips?

There are several factors that may contribute to cut on the lips. Some of the common causes include,

  • Injury by a sharp or a blunt object which may result in an incision or a laceration on the lips.
  • Cuts on the lips are also seen during winters, due to dry weather. These cuts can be very painful and often bleed.
  • Cuts on the lips can be associated with fever blisters.
  • Cuts on lips may occasionally be associated with vitamin B12 or folic acid deficiency.

While in most cases, these cuts on the lips may heal naturally and spontaneously, there are certain conditions that may slow the healing process down. Dry weather, dehydration, diabetes, etc are some of the condition that can result in delay in the healing process.

Cuts on lips are often associated with pain and occasional bleeding, which is aggravated when you consume hot or spicy foods.

Home Remedies To Heal The Cuts On Lips

Here are some simple and natural treatment options to manage cuts on the lips that won’t heal easily.

  • Recent studies have shown that keeping the cut moist can hasten epithelialization or growth on new layer of tissue on the top of the wound. Keeping the cut moist by repeatedly applying your own saliva can hasten the healing process. In addition, saliva contains a host of antimicrobial agents, which prevents secondary infections.
  • Local application of raw honey and turmeric is considered to be very helpful. Raw honey has a strong soothing effect which hastens healing while turmeric has strong anti-bacterial properties, which prevents secondary infections.
  • Increase your intake of vitamin C supplements and foods that are high in vitamin C. Vitamin C is considered to enhance overall immunity of an individual, which in turn hastens the healing process and prevents infection of the cuts.
  • Calendula ointment is also considered to be very helpful in treating cuts on the lips. Calendula not only has a soothing effect on the wound, but it helps in quick re-epithelialization and prevents infections. Calendula also keeps the lips moist, especially during dry weathers and prevents them from getting cut in the future.
  • Increase the intake of vitamin B12 and folic acid supplements. Deficiency of both these nutrients can result in cuts and blisters on the lips, which are usually very painful, but not associated with bleeding. Increase the consumption of green leafy vegetables, dairy products and low fat milk.

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