What are the Causes of Bible Bump or Ganglion cyst and Its Treatment

Bible bump is another name for ganglion. Ganglion is a small localized cystic bump composed of soft tissue and gelatinous fluid. It mostly develops beneath the skin of the wrist and the ankle joint. The name Bible bump came into existence because in olden days, the ganglion on the wrist or on the ankle was smashed with a family Bible. Today, if the ganglion is not resolved spontaneously, it is excised. Ganglia look similar to a tumor, but ganglia are harmless. Usually a bible bump is not painful, but a large ganglion can compress the underneath nerve giving rise to pain and weakness of the joint.

There is no specific reason known for the formation of bible bump or a ganglion cyst in medical parlance. But it is believed to be due to the leakage of synovial fluid from the joint capsule or from a tendon sheath. The fluid inside the ganglion is similar to the synovial fluid but slightly thicker like an egg yolk.

Arthritis of the joint is believed to a cause for development of ganglion cyst. It is the inflammation of the joint in arthritis that has something to do with formation of a ganglion.

Over use of hand and fingers is another major cause for ganglion cyst. Women are more prone to ganglion cyst as major household work requires repeated use of wrist and fingers. Bible bump is common among people aging 20 to 50. Rarely children under the age of 10 suffer from ganglion cyst.

Trauma and cuts is also identified as one of the cause for ganglion cyst.

Usually a ganglion is 1 to3 centimeters in size. However, a large sized ganglion is also possible. Ganglion cysts are common on the wrist joint and on the ankle joint. Although rare, ganglia on the fingers can be painful as well as tender to touch. In most cases, there is only one cyst but multiple cysts can also form underneath the skin and show as a single cyst from above. Often Bible bump changes its size, it may increase or decrease in size but after a period the swelling will appear same. Usually ganglion cyst is not painful, but an enlarged ganglion may become painful especially if it is present on wrist joint or on top of your foot.

Remedies to Treat Ganglion Cyst or Bible Bump

Generally a ganglion cyst requires no treatment if it is small and not causing any hindrance in your routine work. It usually disappears on its own after a period of time. However in homeopathy there is a remedy known as Ruta. It effectively cures the swollen ganglion cyst or a Bible bump on the wrist.

A ganglion cyst can also be removed surgically under local anesthesia. However there is no guarantee of its reappearance.

Several herbal remedies have been used to cure a ganglion cyst.

Psyillium Husk: Boil two tsp of Psyillium husk in water for few minutes. Now strain the liquid when it becomes cool. Drink half portion of the liquid in morning and half at night. The anti inflammatory property of Psyillium husk helps to reduce the swelling.

Turmeric Powder: mix a pinch of turmeric powder in one teaspoon of honey and consume it regularly. Turmeric is a known natural anti inflammatory agent.

Apply ice on the ganglion cyst it will reduce swelling and pain if at all caused due to a Bible bump.

Wearing of splint around the wrist area restricts wrist movement. Once the movement of wrist become less the ganglion cyst shrinks in size.

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