What Causes Cystitis | Bacterial and Non-Bacterial Cystitis Causes

Cystitis Disease Causes:

What can cause cystitis? The causes may vary from one gender to the other and at certain ages. Here are some of the causes that can be blamed for this problem:

  • Bacteria are the most common cause of cystitis, and the most common bacteria that cause this problem are the E.coli bacteria.
  • Usually, when a woman gets infected, it is because of the nearness of the urethra to the bowel opening that makes them prone to bacteria and dirt re-entering the body. The possibility if bacteria entering the urethra from the anal area may be because of the incorrect way of wiping one’s private parts.
  • Bacterial cystitis is divided into two: the community acquired and the hospital-acquired types. Older people who are in nursing homes are prone to the latter since they may be exposed to the use of catheters that can cause cystitis. Community acquired cystitis is often caused by a variety of things like unsanitary toilet practices, rough sex and even normal intercourse with someone who carries the bacteria that causes cystitis.
  • There are also a few ways for a person to get cystitis without having to blame bacteria for it. Included in the list of possible non-bacterial causes are drug induced cystitis, chemical cystitis, and radiation cystitis.

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