Symptoms of Cystitis Disease | Signs of Cystitis Infection

Cystitis Disease Symptoms:

What are the symptoms of cystitis? How can you tell if you are suffering from this ailment even before you go to a doctor for a diagnosis? Here are some symptoms that are connected with cystitis:

  • Some of the symptoms that can be seen with cystitis can range from very mild to severe.
    One of these symptoms that may be mild or severe includes the feeling of a burning pain when you urinate.
  • How your urine appears and smells is also an indication of cystitis. If you find that you have very strong smelling urine that may appear cloudy or may even have blood in it, you may be suffering from cystitis.
  • The need to frequently urinate, even when all you can squeeze out is a few drops, is also a sign that you may have cystitis.
  • Some people suffer from lower abdominal pains when they cystitis. This discomfort in the pelvic area can be easily compared to dysmenorrhea. Sometimes, a low-grade fever may be present too when you have cystitis.
  • When children have cystitis, which can occur if they have a congenital problem that makes them unable to totally brain their bladders, they sometimes suffer from bedwetting problems or enuresis.

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