Home Remedies on How to Shrink or Eliminate a Cyst Naturally

How to Shrink a Cyst

A cyst is an abnormality in the body that is characterized by a sac-like appearance. The sac is filled with solid, semi-solid materials or types of fluids. Wherever a cyst is formed, it causes signs and symptoms which cause certain discomforts to the patient.

There are cysts that are external, which are found on the surface of the skin or outside of the body, and internal cysts, which are found within the body cavities.

The first thing patients should do is to seek counsel from their physician. The physician will advise the patient to undergo certain diagnostic tests that will ascertain the type of cyst, its location and the actual size. After knowing all the base data, that’s the time when the physician will discuss with them the necessary measures on how to shrink a cyst.

Here are some of the ways to shrink cysts or to just minimize the discomfort:

  • If the cyst contains fluids, one way is to aspirate or drain the fluid.

    The physician will use either a needle or a catheter and insert it to the cyst cavity. This will result to the collapse of the cyst. Radiologic imaging can also be used to help visualize the cyst, if it is not accessible.

  • Most solid and semi-solid cysts can be shrunk by surgical procedures. This happens when the physician will suspect that the cyst is cancerous. Suspected cancerous cysts are surgically removed or a biopsy is performed. This will help determine if it is malignant or not.

  • Some other forms of cysts require treatment of the underlying medical condition before the cyst can be minimized or eliminated. An example of this type of cysts is ovarian cysts.

How to Shrink a Cyst Naturally

Most patients would go for homeopathic remedies before they would go under the knife or any invasive procedure. These treatment strategies provide fewer risks and fewer side effects. Below are some home remedies how to shrink a cyst naturally:

  • Dab the cyst with cloth. The cloth must first be dipped in lukewarm water to help the fluid ooze out naturally. Do this regularly to help hasten the healing process.

  • Echinacea (Echinacea purpureum). This herb will help the immune system of the patients. This will greatly increase the amount of white blood cells to help fight off infection and abnormal cells.

  • Wild yam contains an ingredient which helps boost the production of progesterone in the woman’s body. This natural herb remedy is used by women experiencing ovarian cysts.

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