Diet for Dandruff Prevention | Foods to Prevent Dandruff Growth

Dandruff Diet Treatment

Sometimes dandruff is brought about by certain deficiencies in your diet. Sometimes they are also triggered by the ingestion of some types of food. Here is some dietary advice to help you keep dandruff away:

  • You should boost your intake of raw food like fresh fruits and vegetables to increase your resistance to such problems like dandruff.
    Nuts, whole grain cereals, and similar foods should be part of your every day diet.
  • Some foods that are high in zinc, omega3 fatty acids, and vitamin B complex can help keep dandruff away.
  • Some of the things you should avoid when you are prone to suffering from dandruff are foods like red meat, strong tea, coffee, sugary foods or sweets, and processed foods. Junk foods, candies, and even pickles should also be avoided when you are prone to dandruff.
  • Try to take your vegetables raw and as fresh as possible. You should also do the same with fruits. Do not buy fruits that are canned or processed and opt for fresh ones. Include in your list fruits like melons, apples, and pineapples.
  • Caffeinated drinks should also be avoided. Soft drinks are a big no-no since they are very sweet drinks that are carbonated, laden with sugar and caffeine so avoiding them is also important to your diet.

Dandruff Foods

Eating meat which is raised organically and food which is free from oil is effective in preventing dandruff. For healthy hair growth, intake of Vitamin B3, B5 and B6 is beneficial whereas vitamin C and E helps in blood circulation on scalp and encourages strong hair growth. Nutritional elements contributing to the dandruff free hair are zinc, iron and folic acid. Reducing intake of sugar, drinking skimmed milk and foods that contain yeast viz. cheese, soy sauce, condiments helps to control dandruff.

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