How to Prevent and Avoid Dandruff | How to Control Dandruff Growth

Dandruff Prevention Measures

How can a person prevent the growth of dandruff? Is there any way that a person can avoid getting dandruff? Here are some tips on how to avoid or at least minimize the occurrence of dandruff:

  • One of the simplest ways to avoid the recurrence or the emergence of dandruff on your scalp is actually to practice good personal hygiene.
    Shower and wash your hair daily with the use of a mild shampoo that won’t dry out your scalp but will help keep oil production to a minimum.
  • If you are constantly stressed out, find ways to clear yourself of this dandruff inducing trigger. Relax and meditate to help clear your mind of the problems that seem to be stressing you out. Exercising can also relieve you of stress so try to engage in some easy exercises like a short brisk walk every day or yoga.
  • If you are allergic to certain hair products, try to avoid these and opt for hypoallergenic products for your hair. If you can go without using certain styling products, try not to use them to help keep the dandruff from returning.
  • Try to get a bit of sunlight every day. UV rays are actually helpful when it comes to keeping dandruff at bay; just don’t overexpose yourself to the sun.

Prevent Dandruff

For preventing dandruff, regular scalp massaging using warm olive oil before going to the bed and then washing the hair in the morning followed by brushing is effective as it helps in stimulating blood circulation and extricates dirt encouraging the growth of hair. To control dandruff, excess exposure to direct sun rays and extreme weather should be avoided and oil balancing should be proper as it restricts over production of oil and accumulation of dead cells and dandruff.

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