What are Symptoms of Dandruff | Signs of Itchy Dandruff on Scalp

Dandruff Symptoms:

The most common symptom that you can see when you talk about dandruff is the white flakes that are present on your clothes, your hair, and your scalp. Other symptoms of dandruff may include the following:

  • You may experience some itching when you have dandruff on your scalp or on other parts of your body.
    This itching, if it becomes severe, can even cause skin on the scalp to become red or develop into painful abrasions.
  • Another symptom associated with dandruff is the sweaty scalp, and this may emit a certain smell that can be musty or earthy if left unwashed or uncleaned.
  • Dandruff can also have symptoms like rashes and flakes in other parts of the body. Chest flakes, beard dandruff, and eyebrow dandruff can also be considered symptoms of this problem.
  • Some people experience rashes on their face, chest, eyebrows, and ears. These may recur and even be difficult to remove for some, like the ear eczema that seems to be one of the harder to remove forms and symptoms of dandruff.
  • Another symptom that can come with dandruff is oily skin and scalp that is replete with flakes. You can also include dry facial skin in this list of symptoms.

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