Diet for Dark Circles Treatment | Vitamins for Under Eye Circles

Dark Circles Diet Treatment:

When you want to speed up the lightening of the skin around your eyes, there are some foods you might need to eat up on and some that you might want to avoid. Here are some tips on what kind of a diet will benefit someone who has problems with dark circles under or around their eyes:

  • Since dark circles can be caused by a lack of nutrients like vitamin K and vitamin B12, you should consider adding more foods that have these vitamins in your diet.
    Include brussels sprouts, spinach, broccoli, and dark leafy green vegetables for vitamin K and milk, liver, cheese, and eggs for vitamin B12.
  • A lot of water to keep yourself hydrated is also essential so you should try to drink more than 8 glasses of water a day.
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables are also essential to keep yourself healthy and to keep the skin under your eyes from darkening.
  • Since dark circles under and around your eyes can be caused by allergies, identify what foods you are allergic to and avoid these foods from being introduced into your diet again.
  • Cranberry juice is a very healthy juice that help get rid of many ailments and toxins in the body. Drink a glass or two of this juice a day and you will find yourself healthier for it.

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