How to Prevent Dark Circles | Preventing Under Eye Circles

Dark Circles Prevention

Preventing dark circles under your eyes, even when they are hereditary, can be done with a slight change in your lifestyle and habits. Here are some tips you might want to follow:

  • Try to get as much sleep as possible but do not oversleep. Get around 8 hours of sleep every day, if possible.
    Sleep always helps keep the dark circles under and around your eyes at bay although there is no real scientific explanation why.
  • Reduce your intake of salt and high sodium foods. Since salt can impair blood circulation and can cause certain blood vessels to appear darker, minimizing salt intake may help you prevent these dark circles.
  • Smoking and drinking alcohol are two bad habits that make a person look older, and they do that by speeding up the aging process due to the cells that they kill with their toxicity. That is why most people who smoke and drink alcohol have wrinkled, pasty looking skin and dark circles under their eyes.
  • Do not rub your eyes since the blood vessels that are found there may rupture and cause the darkening of the area like when you get bruises. If the area around your eyes is itchy, apply an anti-itch cream but be careful not to get any of this cream in your eyes. You can also try to put moist tea bags on the itchy area to cool the itch down.

Prevent Dark Circles

Eye exercises helps to prevent under eye circles. By sitting down in a relaxed position perform following steps:

  • Continue looking at a spot above the nose bridge while making a count till five and then relax your eyes. Then repeat the same step by looking at the tip of the nose and again counting till five followed by relaxing. This benefits in relaxing the eyes and relieve tension.
  • Stand straight and look down. Then slowly start inhaling and roll eyes from right to the top in round motion. Once eye reaches at the top look towards the eye brow and exhale by moving eyes left and then downward.

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