Symptoms of Under Eye Circle | Signs of Dark Circle Undereye

Dark Circles Symptoms:

The most telltale symptom of dark circles is of course the dark discolored skin under and around your eyes. While this is the main symptom, and probably the only symptom that can be seen when you have dark circles, there are times when other problems complicate these dark spots.

  • Some people who suffer from dark circles under and around their eyes also suffer from itching when the darkness under the eyes is brought about by rubbing the eyes due to eczema. The rubbing can darken the skin under the eyes because of the broken blood cells that are brought about by the friction.
  • There are instances when a person with dark circles around and under the eyes notices that these circles actually darken during certain days. Some of the instances that make these circles darker include the days when a woman has her monthly period, when a person is sick with the flu or a cold, and when they are pale with lack of proper nutrition.
  • Fatigue and tiredness can be a sign of dark circles under the eyes when the cause of these circles is lack of sleep. A person may feel very tired and very lethargic and sleepy when they are suffering from this discoloration due to this cause.

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