How to Remove Dark Skin Pigmentation Between Legs with Home Remedies

Dark Skin Between Legs

The skin discoloration in the inner thigh is a common problem that affects men and women of all ages. While in most cases the dark skin between the legs is not always visible, it can be unsightly in some occasions when people wear their swim wear or any scanty clothing.

The darkening of the skin between the legs is preceded by chafing between the inner thighs and the legs during walking. It has also been observed that overweight individuals have higher risks of developing inner thigh discoloration. Sometimes, the friction can cause skin abrasion, which is very painful and embarrassing. Other factors that contribute to skin darkening in the inner thigh are the following:

  • Hormonal imbalance. Many women observed that certain areas in their body especially between the legs get darker.
  • Consumption of certain medications.
  • Prolonged or constant exposure to sunlight.
  • Wearing of damp, synthetic or tight clothes.
  • An increase of melanin in specific areas like the thighs.

How To Remove Dark Skin Between Legs

Women, in particular, are conscious of how they present themselves.

It is not so much of a wonder why many of the skin whitening commercial products available today are formulated for women. Maintaining a good and even skin tone is simply among women’s concerns. Of course, men too would like to solve the problems of dark skin between their legs. While most commercial products are effective, not all consumers can afford buying these products. Here are a few tips to avoid getting a dark patch of skin in the inner thighs:

  • Use an exfoliating agent to eradicate dead skin cells.
  • Avoid wearing tight-fitted pants.
  • Use products that have ingredients such as alpha hydroxyl or kojic acids for exfoliation.
  • Apply cocoa butter to soften the skin and improve its tone and texture

Home Remedies For Dark Skin Pigmentation Between Legs

Generally, nobody wants to have a dark skin between their legs. More than the unpleasant sight, the dark skin may bring pain due to friction. It can also determine whether or not the person is hygienic and healthy. For individuals looking for home remedies to lighten the dark skin between their legs, they can find the treatments below helpful:

  • Prepare a mixture of lemon juice, two teaspoons of glycerin and six teaspoons of petroleum jelly. Apply onto the dark skin with pressure while massaging it in a circular motion.
  • Slice lemons in halves and squeeze the pulps onto the dark spots to exfoliate the dead skin cells.
  • Moisturize the skin using olive and avocado oil.
  • Prepare a paste with a tablespoon of sesame oil and water, one-fourth teaspoon of turmeric powder, and a tablespoon of wheat flour. Apply onto the dark areas for 10 minutes. Remove the paste by rubbing it with your hand. Rinse with warm water.

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