What Causes Dark Skin | Causes of Darker Skin Problem

Dark Skin Causes:

There are a few reasons why a person may have dark skin. One of the most common and most prevalent reasons for dark skin is heredity. A lot of people who are dark are born with it and their wanting to become fairer is a matter of vanity and aesthetics.

  • Another possible cause for dark skin is actually a problem called hyperpigmentation. This means that the person is producing more melanin in their skin than what is considered normal and they are getting darker skin because of this.
  • Another reason why a person may have dark skin is their constant exposure to the sun. Constantly going out in the sun without sunblock or proper sun protection can get a person to become a few shades darker from constant sun exposure.
  • There are a few skin disorders that can cause a person’s complexion to become darker than it actually is. Lichen Simplex Chronicus is one such ailment that starts off with severe itching.
    The itchiness and the scratching that you make with this problem will leave your skin dark, thick, and patchy.
  • A few other reasons why a person may have dark skin include disorders like adrenal disorder, intestinal disorders, vitamin deficiency, and sun sensitivity.

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