Symptoms of Skin Darkening | Signs of Dark Skin Patches

Dark Skin Symptoms:

The main symptom that you can associate with dark skin is simply that: dark skin. When a person is born with dark skin, he or she may have normal textured skin however there are some people who have rough and thick skin due to the high amount of melanin found in their system.

Here are a few symptoms that may accompany some of the other reasons why a person may have dark skin:

  • When a person has dark skin due to overexposure to the sun, he or she may have rough and dry skin because of this. The possibility of patchy skin is also present since some people may not get an even color tone from their constant exposure to the sun.
  • Some people who have dark skin due to certain changes in their body or in their system. Along with the darkening of the skin that is caused by melasma or by hormonal changes, you may notice symptoms like irritability and sensitivity in the breasts as part of your skin darkening problem if this is caused by hormonal changes and imbalance.
  • Some people do not have totally dark skins but suffer from blotchy and spotty skin that can have dark and light spots. These can show up as dark spots that are brownish or blackish on different parts of the person’s body.

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