How to Remove and Avoid Tan Lines Naturally at Home?

Tan lines are one of the most common and inconvenient side effects of spending summer under the heat of the sun. It can occur on any part of the skin that was not exposed to the sun’s heat and it will look fairly unattractive to one’s body. And while tan lines pose no health risk, a lot of people may want to minimize a tan line’s appearance as soon as they can.

Tan Lines Removal

  • Tan lines removal is a way to minimize or completely eliminate tan lines.

  • There are different ways on how a person can get rid of tan lines and it can be done with the use of exfoliating products, use of certain chemicals, self tanner or rubbing natural ingredients on the skin.

  • Though certain products can help diminish unsightly tan lines temporarily, complete removal of these tan lines usually take time to fade, and there is no better treatment other than letting it simply fade on its own.

How to Remove Tan Lines Naturally

Naturally removing tan lines at home is always the best recourse one can do and the following are ways to do so:

  • Exfoliate: Best done on a regular basis.

    It will gradually remove the skin’s dead cells and will make the skin’s natural tone come out faster.

  • Avoid sun: Try not to over expose to the sun’s heat. The use of an umbrella outside during hot hours is helpful or better yet, staying indoors during those hours is a better way to prevent further skin damage.

  • Soaking: Doing it in the bath tub for long hours can help get rid of extra tan in a person’s body. The length of time soaking in a bath tub of water can help determine how many tanned cells will be removed.

  • Lotions: Those with alpha hydroxyl acids (AHA) are effective in reducing tan lines and must be applied on the skin regularly.

  • Letting it disappear on its own: Since getting a tan through sun bathing is done naturally, one can also do it in the natural way.

How to Avoid Tan Lines

  • Do not over expose one’s self under the sun

  • When sun bathing, expose the whole body. It is the best way to not have tan lines.

  • Wearing a tan-through bathing suit is also a way of having the sun’s rays reach all of you without getting naked.

  • Apply sunscreen at least half an hour in advance when going under the heat of the sun.

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