Dark Armpit Causes | What Causes Dark Underarm Skin Spots

Dark Underarms Causes:

What causes your underarms to darken considerably? Are women more prone than men to dark underarms? One of the major causes of dark underarms is actually poor hygienic practices. Dead skin buildup and sweating under the arms add up to darkened skin in this area. Here are more reasons why a person may have dark underarms:

  • When a person frequently wears clothes that are tight in the armpit area, chances are, he or she may have dark underarms because of this.
    The friction that comes from the blouse and the skin causes the skin of the armpit area to darken.
  • Another reason why a person may have dark underarms is when he or she constantly shaves the region. Another reason why a person may have dark underarms is when they pluck the hair from this area as well. Using hair removal creams to remove the hair here is also one of the culprits behind the darkening of the skin.
  • Using harsh chemicals and strong deodorants can also be the cause of dark armpit. Alcohol-based fragrances, strong soap, and other cosmetic products that are too harsh for your armpits may cause darkened skin there.
  • Other possible causes of dark underarms include improper cleaning habits which can cause your underarms infections, profuse sweating of the area, and even hyper-pigmentation.

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