Home Remedies for Dark Underarm Skin | Natural Cure for Dark Armpit

Dark Underarms Home Remedies

Treating dark underarms can be done with a few tricks that you can do at home. These homemade recipes for helping with dark underarms are easy to make and often use ingredients easily found in your own home.

  • Lemons are often used to whiten certain parts of your anatomy like your elbows and your knees so it is but natural to use these under your arms as well.
    Cut a lemon on quarters. Wash your underarms with mild soap and towel dry. Rub one of the lemon quarters over the skin of your underarms and keep doing so while squeezing the juice out. Let the juice sit for a few minutes then rinse and towel dry. Repeat for the other underarm.
  • Baking soda is also a good remedy for dark underarms. Apply the baking soda directly under freshly washed underarms or you can make a paste out of baking soda and lemon and you can rub this mixture under your arms. Let sit for a few minutes and wash off. This kills the odor as well.
  • Coconut oil can also remove any dark stains under your arms. Simply warm some coconut oil and rub this under your arms with the use of cotton balls or cotton wipes.
  • You can also use potato juice to whiten underarms. Just peel and grate a potato and squeeze out the juice from it. Wipe your underarms with this juice by using cotton balls or cotton wipes.

Dark Armpits Remedy

To whiten dark underarm skin, apply homemade paste of gram flour, lemon juice, turmeric and lime juice followed by washing after 30 minutes is beneficial. Application of mixture made using cucumber juice and lemon and turmeric powder and later washing off with lukewarm water or using bleaching agents like potato for rubbing on skin also helps to lighten dark armpit. Apply sandalwood powder mixed with rose water on black armpits is effective in glowing dark underarm skin.

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