Causes of Defective Vision | What Causes Defective Eyesight

Defective Vision Causes

How does one get defective vision? Are there certain activities that induce these eye problems? A lot of people may not know this but physical as well as mental activity can actually strain the eyes and cause them to become defective at any age. Here are some causes that may bring about these eye problems:

  • If you are fond of reading while on a moving vehicle, you are prone to having any of the eye problems mentioned earlier. Reading in vehicles that are moving like cars, buses, and trains can damage your eyes.
  • Reading in inappropriate dim light can also damage your eyes. This is because your eyes have to strain to see the letters and the words of the book, magazine, or newspaper you are reading. The same is also true if you read in lighting that is too bright.
  • Continuously working on a computer that is glaringly bright can also cause a person to have defective vision. When working on a computer, you are using your eyes to focus on a bright screen where you read and if you do not rest every now and then, the stress and strain that the mental exertion and visual exertion you are doing will damage your eyes.

Defective Eye Causes

Vision problems causes can be mental strain, lack of hygienic diet and improper supply of blood and nerve. Mental strain results in poor eyesight as it increase pressure on the eye muscles. Other possible reasons for eye problems are infections or injury to the eye, fatigue, bleeding. Eye conditions can also arise due to medications, cataracts and glaucoma. Artery located in the brain which helps in supplying blood to the optic nerve gets inflamed.

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