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Defective Vision Home Remedies

When you have defective vision, the usual thing that you do is to get some help from an optometrist or an ophthalmologist to help you get fitted with glasses or contact lenses for your eye defect. You can get some relief however from the strain your eyes may feel with these problems by using some of these natural cure for eye stress:

  • Some people say that splashing cold water on your closed eyelids can cause further eye damage, but other people attest to the cooling power of cool water on closed eyes.
    What you need to do to cool eyes down after straining it and to increase the blood flow to it is to splash some cool water on it while it is closed then slowly and gently rub your eyeballs through your closed lids in a circular motion to increase the flow of blood to your eyes.
  • To help improve vision, mix together a cup of carrot juice, three-fourths cup of celery juice, and at least one third cup each of parsley juice and endives juice. Mix this well and add to this the same amount of chicory juice. Drink this every day.
  • Half a teaspoon of licorice powder should be mixed with a glass of milk and half a teaspoon of pure honey.
    Add to this a quarter of a teaspoon of ghee or clarified butter and drink this mixture twice a day, making sure that you do not eat anything before doing so.

Defective Vision Remedy

Best home remedy for defective vision is high intake of Vitamin A rich foods. Other treatments for healthy eye are sun gazing which can be done by sitting on bench and facing the sun while closing the eyes. Then start shaking your head for 10 minutes and slowly open eyes and blink while looking at the sun. This same cure for eye health can be performed while looking at landscapes as it helps to cool the eyes. Other techniques for good eye sight are palming which is done by covering both your eyes with your palms and swinging which is done by swaying the body side to side by loosely holding the hands at the sides.

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