Preventing Defective Vision: Measures To Prevent Defect In Eye Sight

Types Of Eye Defects

Defective vision is any problem that affects the patient’s ability to see objects clearly. There are many categories that fall under defective vision. Some of these are near sightedness, far sightedness, blurred vision, and color blindness. Color blindness is hereditary and is often sex-linked. Near and far sightedness can also be inherited, though in many cases, these are caused by the individual’s habits and activities.

Defective vision is often caused by refraction problems in the cornea. So, corrective measures often involve having to correct the cornea.

Often, reading in dim areas and on moving vehicles can cause defective vision. Age is also a factor, with older people being more prone to having defective vision than younger ones. Of course, there are also a lot of young people even children who have vision problems. Also, the lack of certain nutrients and vitamins in the body can also cause problems with vision.

Prevention Of Defective Vision

Preventing defective vision from occurring can be done by not abusing the eyes. It is also a good idea to follow some of the advice that optometrists and ophthalmologists give to the patient on how to properly care for his or her eyes.

Here are some measures that an individual might want to try to prevent or at least prevent the progression of defective vision:

  • Try to read in the proper lighting that will not cause the patient unnecessary stress or strain in the eyes. Make sure that the light is neither too bright nor too dim.
  • Rest the eyes when they are tired and do not force self to read when the eyes are beginning to show signs of fatigue. Do not read too much since the combination of mental strain and eye strain can quickly damage the eyes and be the cause of the impaired vision.
  • Do not sit in front of the computer or in front of the TV for prolonged periods of time without resting. This can also damage the eyes.
  • Do eat fruits and vegetables, especially those rich in vitamin A and E. Ensuring a proper and healthy diet can help in preventing eye problems.
  • Smokers increase the chances of damaging their eyes. It would surely help if the patient will quit smoking or if he or she has not tried smoking to not try it at all.
  • Whenever traveling in a moving vehicle, even if the trip is long, try to resist the urge to read or to play video games on a portable gaming console.

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