Symptoms of Defective Vision | Signs of Defected Eye Sight

Defective Vision Symptoms:

What are the symptoms of a defective vision? Depending on the kind of defect a person is suffering, he may experience these following symptoms:

  • People who suffer from far-sightedness will see objects that are near him as a mere blur but things that are in the distance will appear clear to him.
    You can easily recognize a person with this problem when he holds reading materials at a distance from his eyes when reading them without the use of glasses.
  • People who have myopia experience the opposite. They often see things that are near them very clearly but the objects that are in the distance are blurry to them. Sometimes when they force themselves to focus on a distant object, their eyes will water due to the strain. You can also see people who are near-sighted squinting when they are trying to look far into the distance.
  • If you are suffering from color blindness, you may find it hard to distinguish certain colors properly.
    Some people are color blind to a certain extent only, like being unable to determine which color is red or which one is green. You cannot easily tell if a person is color blind unless if you ask them to identify a certain color or if they tell you outright.

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